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I'm a wear a lot of different hats (literally), though there's always a common theme.

I guide adventurous soulpreneurs into energetic alignment and a deeper connection with their purpose, profit and PLAY.

I help you disrupt your version of normal, transform fear into flow state, and harness energetic strategy so your gifts to the world SHINE. And the people who desire your value and services can actually find you!

I run group programs, masterminds, and take on a limited number of VIP 1:1 clients.



Let's Go on

an Adventure

What happens when business meets flow state? Where filling your cup means overflowing to a grander purpose?

This is only for the highly ambitious soul who's ready to see themself as an investment. Who is ready to take responsibility for their follow through with deep dedication and willingness to put in the work.

I hold you to a an elevated level of integrity and radical responsibility for the reality you create around you.

It's time to transform the fear of the unknown to excitement of playing in a world of limitless possibility.

(No one ever experienced the adventure of a lifetime, sitting in their comfort zone.)

Attune to Aligned Power

Where it all comes together.

A hybrid mastermind for the woman who is ready embody her human design,  unleash creative genius,  amplify her intuitive gifts, and embody feminine energy leadership.

When you are authentically YOU - your business is a powerful yet natural extension.

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Infuse Energetic Business Accelerator

A new kind of business school. The kind that ensures your business is aligned with your core values, that your creative genius is unleashed in order to powerfully and authentically bring your service into the world, and that marketing and selling to your soulmate clients is a party!

Fall 2021


-The Mastermind-

A 5 month energetic business mastermind and sisterhood, designed to bring your FULLY expressed self and gifts to the table and rise into the lighthouse and powerful leader you know you're capable of.

This is for the woman craving to thrive within her truest online expression for herself and her brand, attract soulmate clients with feminine ease instead of outdated and icky feeling sales tactics, and expand her capacity to normalize and hold grander layers of financial abundance.

Next round 2022


SHIFT: Inner Mastery


For the woman ready to go FAR beyond the practices of mindfulness and awareness to discover how to truly and deeply shift her experience of life from the inside out. You won't walk out of the program as the person who walked in.

Chrysalis Codes

 A holistic self paced course to help you weave the energetic with practical daily habits - right where you are, with what you have available to you.

Evergreen Course


Press Play Podcast Course

 A LIVE podcast course to guide you to bring your show to the world, start to finish + beyond. Why a live course? Because it's been on your to-do list for years - yet, you're here ;)

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Igniting Follow Through

Activate the version of you who's word is law, and keeps the promises you make to yourself.

Dirt Goddess

A rebellious divine feminine embodiment program.

"It's really hard to describe the influx of constant growth and money coming in but I've truly found a faucet and turned it on.  -

The mindset course not only changed how I view money but how I view the world around me. Suddenly my world is full of things I love, admire and adore. Changing my outlook on the world changed how I download information and now I see beauty in the smallest things such as watching my dogs play or feeling the warmth of my coffee cup. I didn't realize how that would ripple into all aspects of my life. 
Due to learning grounding techniques, my emotions are much more stable and I feel ready to handle obstacles in my way, minimizing them all together. I can see that one obstacle will not stop me but make me stronger. I gained the courage to start my own business that has become less and less scary each month as I watch my revenue continue in an exponential upward trajectory. My own business even made me double the money than one of the brands at my "main job". 
The increased income this year helped me realize one of my pictures on my vision board (still pinching myself that I put something on a vision board and ACTUALLY GOT IT). This year I bought a house! All by myself, my credit, my savings, my down payment, my realtor, lendor, everything. I'm still impressed by myself. And it's a huge house! I now own the most expensive house in my immediate family and it is worth as much as the house on a golf course in AZ I grew up in! Using orgasmic manifestation techniques, I realized exactly what I wanted and embedded that sureness into my subconscious and body. I believed it was real and I deserved it and brought it to life. Now my dogs are so happy they have a huge yard to play in and watch deer walk through the fields of the nearby ranches. 
Since I started calling in money for the down payment on my house (which I made and saved $25k in 45 days), it's like an endless faucet. In 3 days this week I made $2500 in just commission. My months are regularly over $8k in net income and I have my goals set for a 5 figure month next year. I made $25k more than the year before and that extra income came from my own business. The brand that I do business with just let go half of their sales reps and made me 1 of 2, tripling my income. I expect to make double with them next year and this is my "side gig". 
I've found the love of my life and he's so kind and thoughtful and everything I ever wanted. Since Shift and Dirt Goddess opened up voice, I can clearly let him know what makes me happy, what upsets me, and how to talk through any arguments or issues that arise without being absolutely devastating on the relationship. I've been able to help him grow and teach him how he can support me through my manifestations and rituals. He brings me coffee in bed everyday, he gives me sweet kisses on my forehead, and will rub my back or get me a beer or roll me a joint, if I just ask. I'm so thankful for him and our love is almost tangible and is visible every day. I believe I'm able to feel it so strongly due to the lessons from Shift and Dirt Goddess and speaking my truth.
Seeing all the growth that came out of me from your courses has solidified to me that both Shift and Dirt Goddess were incredibly beneficial to my success in 2020. It's now 1 1/2 years since I started my first course with you and looking back to where I started, $40k a year, renting in a studio apartment (that I'm now SO happy I moved out of during my first round of Shift), tumultuous relationships, and struggle, it all seems so distant to the reality I've manifested now. This year I made $125k, I started my own business, I gained the respect and attention from the executives at all of my brands I work for, I bought a house, I started the most healthy and positive relationship of my life, I feel full of life and a renewed sense of energy to tackle anything that might come my way. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my extremely long recap of the last year and the effect of your courses. They really do work if you believe in it and put in the work."

- Lexi Miller



"I had a quantum flow and soul expansion session with Katie. Let me just say...  I wanted to do this session ALLLLL DAY!!! -

 The healings and exercises were far different from anything I’ve experienced, and I’ve been a healer for 20 years. It was fun, gentle, IMPACTFUL and so effective.  Within a day I met someone who I had known over 20 years ago and he immediately brought up a trauma I had long forgotten about that he had helped me with.  I realized that ever since then I had greatly protected myself from men energetically and even had carried some extra weight around my middle as a protective mechanism.  Within a few days I dropped several pounds and was down a size in my pants.  The thing is - this wasn’t AT ALL what our session was about, it was just an added bonus!  I’ve had so much clarity and energy since our session, and have been attracting things with so much ease.  The integration has been incredibly gentle and I can’t wait to have another session with her!  If you’ve been pondering quantum healing with Katie don’t wait...  it’s truly an amazing gift to give yourself!"

- Lindsay Dam

Spiritual Healer + Law of Attraction Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs


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