When you press record... you're really pressing PLAY.


You're pressing play on your next step.
You're pressing play on being heard.
You're pressing play on speaking (and becoming an authority) on exactly the conversations you wish you were having more of in the world.
You're pressing play on fun, taboo, informational, mind-blowing, connecting, "WOW I NEEDED THIS" episodes for your community.

You're pressing play on your life in a new way.

If you're here, it's because you have a message to share.

You have something bigger than you coming through - and YOU are the right person to bring it forward.
Be it funny, educational, mind-bending, ridiculous, thoughtful - 
Podcasting is the best (and frankly the most fun) platform to bring it all to life.


Some fun facts:


112 Million Americans have listened to a podcast
(this number is increasing as you read this page!)
67 million Americans listen to podcasts every month
85% of listeners hear all or more of a podcast
42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, five times more than go to the movies.
71% of listeners visit a sponsors website
40% purchased a product
37% have used a promotional code

This is your opportunity to become an authority on something. To share an aspect of yourself or others that is underserved right now. To partner with the brands most aligned with your message and help people discover something that could improve their life!

But I know what you're thinking...
How the hell do I start this thing?
Do I have to be overly outgoing to do this?
What do I need?
What's the equipment and... well whoa then what?
I don't even know where to figure out what I don't know!

 I hear ya!!! That's why I created this course!


My journey to podcasting was a bit turbulent.

I was a sponsored freeride skier, showing up on social media and feeling like... well, like I was talking about nothing. I wanted to do something more meaningful with my travels, to actually connect with people and talk about what I found important.

Creating consistent video content felt like too big a hurdle and blogs weren't singing my name either.

To be completely honest I didn't have much direction on what I wanted to do in life. But oh man did I road trip! I listened to podcasts non-stop. And driving 25k miles a year means a lot of episodes!

They were my go-to for new and unique information (because reading while driving isn't advised) and I remembered them thoroughly, I revisited them, I shared them with friends. It was my source for information that I'd otherwise have to dig and dig for on the internet (or never would have known existed otherwise!)

They're entertaining, informational, news providing, paradigm-shifting
- the list goes on and on.

And I remember one day - frustrated - stating "great, I like outdoor sports, I know a lot of people, I like to talk, and I have no problem traveling, putting myself in funny situations or meeting strangers - HOW DO I DO SOMETHING WITH THAT?!"

And with that question, the universe moved with me - and VIOLÀ.
I realized podcasting was the next step.

I jumped in, researched some equipment, purchased everything I needed and.... it sat in the corner of my room while I "figured things out."



I didn't know the title yet.
Who actually wants to hear me talk?
Is this a stupid idea?
What if every guest I ask says no?
There are already outdoor podcasts out there!
Am I wasting my time?
How do I get the word out on this?
Well, I also don't want to tell anyone until it's perfect anyway.
I just need some more time. Next month.
I don't have art yet so I might as well not record.
Shoot what do I want for a jingle? How do I get that? Do I have to have that? (you don't)

I had some ideas but I didn't know what the next steps were.
I didn't have anyone that really cared or knew enough for me to bounce ideas off of. No one LIVE I could ask for support or feedback or clarification.

(Cue Spongebob narrator voice)
~ Three months later ~

I had figured out a name. Some ideas on art. I spent HOURS setting up software that I didn't need and haven't EVER used... But I still hadn't once pressed record.

And it took another declaration on my birthday in September, for me to take my first crack at recording, interviewing an amazing friend of mine, and pressing play to hear how it turned out.

(oh and getting over the anxiety of listening to yourself speak!)

I decided to share the process before I had it perfectly set up (scary!! but worth it!) and ended up receiving so much more support than I could have imagined. My first podcasting road trip I came home with 7 episodes, and I had 15 in the bank by the time I went to launch.

Now, to date:
I've released 33 episodes (and counting).
I danced with inconsistency and come around to figuring out a system to keep on track.
I grew to have an audience in 64 countries.
I've interviewed strangers, friends, mentors, and idols.
I've created media kits and attended tradeshows with MY OWN media badge.
I've MONETIZED my show through brand partnerships.
It's only helped with my coaching business.

AND NOW I get to combine the two with this course to help you shortcut the bullshit!

Shortcut the fear
The imposter syndrome
The "I don't know what's next"
The "what does this button do?"
The "does this make sense?"
"How does this sound?"

Because in the end, it doesn't take time.
Time isn't what got the headphones on my noggin.

And it wasn't money that helped me open that box and believe that people would want to listen. That I, of all people, had something meaningful to share.

It was courage.
And support.

Through podcasting I discovered courage.
Through podcasting, I discovered and owned my voice.
And I found out along the way that it has inspired others to seek the same.

Who is this course for?

This is for the person - introverted OR extraverted - who wants to share their voice, viewpoints, and community with a bigger audience and wants to learn how to do that in THEIR OWN way via podcasting.

Who maybe already has momentum on another platform and wants to expand the reach of what they're doing  - entrepreneur, creative, athlete, healer, cratfsperson, etc...  - and connect with their people in a new, unique, and meaningful way.

Who is ready to see that this magical medium can accommodate EVERYONE's voice and dream (and it's missing yours).

Who wants to collapse time and see just how easy and approachable this can all be without spending the months procrastinating and stumbling through it (like I did).

Who knows that support and accountability is something you desire - kind of kick in the booty to ACTUALLY. DO. SOMETHING. about this vision you've got in your head.

Who is craving honest feedback from people who are on a similar path, instead of the
"Sure... cool"
"That sounds hard"
"When will you have time for that"
responses you might be getting from friends and family right now.

Who wants to feel more confident in your voice, in your message, and in your presence.

Who craves the mindset and energetic work that can help you overcome any obstacle, and the strategy and structure to getting the ball rolling.

Podcasting can be your main love or a sidekick to whatever else you have going on.
You get to make the rules ENTIRELY. 



Self paced online course

7 recorded modules 

Private and confidential Facebook Group for additional support

A combination of workbooks within the modules to keep yourself accountable.



What's included? 


Module 1 
Clarity on your audience - YOUR voice - podcast YOUR WAY, there are no rules! - Niche down - Coverage of different styles and methods of podcasting

Module 2
Equipment! Which is best for how your show is taking place (traveling, over video calls, always recording in one place or on the move etc...) - What's important in picking a title and cover art

Module 3
What you're going to need set up - Libsyn - RSS feed - Software you do need
(and all the stuff you DON'T!)

Module 4
Podcast structure - Walking through a podcast edit. 

Module 5
Tips and tricks on approaching guests  - Media Kit - sponsors!

Module 6
It's ok to hear "no" - Creating consistency - setting yourself up for success - organization and structure of your life and schedule for this to be more FUN than work.

Module 7
"Ready" or not go anyway! Get it out there - launching it - how to have your audience along for the ride - Shooting for New & Noteworthy on iTunes

How you show up in this course will change how you show up in your life.

This goes beyond the structure and set up.
This goes beyond strategy.
This is courage.
 This is owning your voice.
This gets to be a fun and powerful aspect of the life you're creating for yourself and so beneficial for listeners of your show.

Let's press play on THAT.



VIP: Course + Call

Press Play Podcast Course + a 45 minute 1:1 support call 



I'm in!



Press Play Podcast Course 

One payment of



I'm in!

Leslie S.

I wanted to start a podcast for years!

Anytime I tried to research how to get started on my own, I found myself totally overwhelmed by all the software, tech, etc. that I allowed myself to stay stuck in the idea phase for years! When I saw Katie announce her first round of the Press Play Course, I was immediately called to it! I'm so grateful I trusted my instinct and took the leap! She laid out all the steps in such an easy to follow way.

She not only took the guesswork out of the equation but she gave me the support I needed to start taking action + make this dream a reality! With Katie's guidance, good energy and constant encouragement, I recorded my first three episodes and launched the Direct Your Vibe Podcast within 2 months of finishing the course! It's now my favorite creative outlet + it has connected me with so many incredible people across the globe!

I highly recommend this course to anyone even thinking about starting a podcast!

Podcasting is one of, if not THE, most intimate platform out there, making it invaluable for community connection!


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