When you press record... you're really pressing PLAY.


You're pressing play on your next step.
You're pressing play on being heard.
You're pressing play on speaking (and becoming an authority) on exactly the conversations you wish you were having more of in the world.
You're pressing play on fun, taboo, informational, mind-blowing, connecting, "WOW I NEEDED THIS" episodes for your tribe.

You're pressing play on your life in a new way.

If you're here, it's because you have a message to share.

You have something bigger than you coming through - and YOU are the right person to bring it forward.
Be it funny, educational, mind-bending, ridiculous, thoughtful - 
Podcasting is the best (and frankly the most fun) platform to bring it all to life.


Some fun facts:


112 Million Americans have listened to a podcast
(this number is increasing as you read this page!)
67 million Americans listen to podcasts every month
85% of listeners hear all or more of a podcast
42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, five times more than go to the movies.
71% of listeners visit a sponsors website
40% purchased a product
37% have used a promotional code

This is your opportunity to become an authority on something. To share an aspect of yourself or others that is underserved right now. To partner with the brands most aligned with your message and help people discover something that could improve their life!

But I know what you're thinking...
How the hell do I start this thing?
Do I have to be overly outgoing to do this?
What do I need?
What's the equipment and... well whoa then what?
I don't even know where to figure out what I don't know!

 I hear ya!!! That's why I created this course!

This LIVE course will

be offered again in September 2020!

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Leslie S.

I wanted to start a podcast for years!

Anytime I tried to research how to get started on my own, I found myself totally overwhelmed by all the software, tech, etc. that I allowed myself to stay stuck in the idea phase for years! When I saw Katie announce her first round of the Press Play Course, I was immediately called to it! I'm so grateful I trusted my instinct and took the leap! She laid out all the steps in such an easy to follow way.

She not only took the guesswork out of the equation but she gave me the support I needed to start taking action + make this dream a reality! With Katie's guidance, good energy and constant encouragement, I recorded my first three episodes and launched the Direct Your Vibe Podcast within 2 months of finishing the course! It's now my favorite creative outlet + it has connected me with so many incredible people across the globe!

I highly recommend this course to anyone even thinking about starting a podcast!