Creating the life of your dreams doesn't have to mean losing yourself in the process.
In fact, it can be how you remember who you were meant to be all along.

Do you want to feel like you're pursuing the biggest adventure of your lifetime and becoming the best version of yourself in the process?

What about KNOWING that those "out of the box" parts of you are actually the secret sauce to your business and why your soul mate clients resonate with you?
How about experiencing MORE sunshine, last minute get aways, and LIFE as you run a company from your laptop on your time and your terms?

Success + Lifestyle Coach

Podcaster | Healer | Outdoor Athlete


I’ve never wanted to settle on just one of these identities and my guess is you aren’t one for settling either.

When the only “life” advice I received was to “get your foot in the door with one of those and work your way up” -  I ran in the other direction.

I knew creating my own business and personal brand was the only way for me to blend my love of adventure and quantum expansion.

I WENT ALL IN, and sent it on the internal mindset and energy work.

Knowing that I get to create my reality led me to decide that in this day and age, of course I could create a multi passionate business and lifestyle that didn’t leave me feeling trapped or soul sucked.

I developed a signature coaching package that is re-writing the "rule book" for how adventurous soulpreneurs deepen their purpose, profit and PLAY.

Need a new road trip buddy?

I started this show, road tripping around the west with a car full of gear, editing in parking lots of coffee shops (what can I say, needed the wifi) and creating my own life story in the process of recording those of others.

I wasn't "ready" by any means, but I sent it anyway.

Just a year and a half later, I have an adventure loving tribe of listeners in 58+ countries around the world!

I'm obsessed with expanding on our common connection to one another, the outdoors, and how the heck we've made it work.

"The Common Stitch" is a mix of campfire stories, nerding out on universal synchronicities, and a kick in the pants to go after your own dream.

Where have you been all my life?

What do you do with what you “know”
about transformation, healing and manifestation?

Hate to break it to you ya, but memorizing and regurgitating information isn't what creates results or change in your life.

(Or everyone would actually be using their college degree)

If you're wondering why it isn't "clicking" for you yet and you're ready to take action and INTEGRATE - the Chrysalis Codes Video Bundle is for you.

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"I had the pleasure of receiving a 1-on-1 Business Quantum Healing session from Katie, and it was so helpful in many ways! I was really impressed at Katie's ability to hold space for me in the session, as we were working through some big, long-held traumas and blocks that I have inhibited me from living my full truth. I felt so taken care of and nurtured through the whole process. She is also really skilled at allowing guidance to be channeled through her, and utilizing effective tools for assisting in the healing process. I have come out of the session with renewed inspiration in what I am here to do, and with a much lighter energy so that I CAN move forward. The session has helped me to have more confidence in what I'm doing, more clarity around what I offer, and more of a feeling of ease surrounding my business. I'm so excited!! I am very grateful for Katie and her work, and know that she will only continue to help the world with anything she chooses to offer."

Siri Wieringa
Energy Healing Practitioner, Ski Coach, and Human Design Reader

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